June 2024 Clay Crew

Hopefully you've read now in your email that this will be the last Clay Crew subscription. I don't know if it's last forever, but for now I'm shifting the business to regular tool launches and not to monthly SLPCC tools.

I am SO incredibly grateful for you all for your subscriptions the last eight months and I hope you've built a set of tools you love using. More SLP tools will be launching, so I hope you continue to build your tool kit with me.

This month is two new foot tools. I've been working on these for a while, to get them just right and I am so incredible pleased with these two!

You'll get what I'm for now calling a 'Standard' foot tool (in Strawberry red), which will be a curved foot and a deep undercut (if we are being picky it's not a foot but still a way to finish the bottom of the pot).

And you'll get a 'Fancy Foot' (in Banana Yellow), which is a double curved foot on one end and a square undercut on the other.

I love a deep undercut to finish off some pots, especially straight sided ones. They leave a little ring of shadow when sat on a surface that makes the cup look like it's floating a little. Without an undercut or any kind of foot, a pot can sometimes feel heavy and 'glued' to the table. This will give you a lighter look to your pots.

  • The Yellow 'Fancy Foot' will give a defined square shape undercut. This is really great if you have a drippy glaze, leave the foot area unglazed and any drips will drip off this little shelf, but won't fuse your pot to the kiln shelf.

  • A bonus to this square foot tool is it makes a great flange for a mini lidded vessel. It's quite small but I found for cute sugar dishes or treasure pots it worked really well for!

  • And finally, your fourth foot, the standard curve. This also works really well on a drippy pot to catch glaze runs, and gives you something to hold when dipping glazes. It also looks great under a curved surface like a bowl.

Thanks again for being part of the SLP Clay Crew, I hope you enjoy your new foot tools and please reach out to me on IG and say hello and show me what you've made! I'd love to see it!

-Lianne (@studioLPceramics)