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Vanilla Mug

Vanilla Mug

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A tactile mug, thoughtfully made to help you start your day, whether it be caffinated, a refreshing fruit tea, or soothing hot water and lemon. Or maybe you're a hot choc in the morning gal? (For me it's an extra large, double shot latte!) But whatever your poison, the perfect mug is as important as what goes in it. 

The Vanilla version of this mug sometimes turns out a bit more 'toasty' or rusty looking than some of the other versions, so if this is an issue or you'd like to pick your mug, please contact me before purchasing to see what I have in stock. You aren't purchasing the mug in these pictures exactly, but one similar and made as close to these as possible, but due to handmade nature they are not exact replicas.

The Sunrise Mug is made with tactile throwing lines, and glazed in a soft eggshell satin surface, made for holding. 

The most intentional design of The Sunrise Mug is the handle. I've iterated this design what feels like a hundred times, to get it just right. Big enough to hold the weight of your morning fuel, but a perfect fit to your fingers. An organic surface makes each of these a little unique.

The Sunrise Mug is the first piece of the new Studio LP collection for hectic homes, designed to bring you good morning vibes, ready to start your day, whether it be a board meeting, school run, endless Cocomelon songs, or non-stop Zoom calls in your pajama bottoms. 

While I try to duplicate the design on these mugs, I'm no production potter, so they won't be perfectly the same, part of the joy and uniqueness of handmade. That means some slight variation in size, shape, glaze surface and colour. If there are specific characteristics you like/ don't like please reach out to me and I can see if I have stock to accommodate your request.


Available in three colours, see other listings: 

Duck Egg Teal 

Vanilla Custard (cream)

Toasted Marshmallow (This Listing)

The mug holds about 300ml.

Shipping & Returns


Ceramics take time to package up carefully. Items will be dispatched within 1-3 days from purchase.


Items are sent using Royal Mail, 2nd Class and will take 2-3 days to arrive after dispatch.


Items are sent using Royal Mail Standard International and take 7-10 days to arrive. Any and all custom fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe, but handwashing is nicer

Microwave safe

A note about thermal shock

It is best practice not to expose ceramics to rapid temperature changes (like from a fridge to boiling water). It also helps to place a spoon in the mug before pouring hot water as the metal spoon absorbs some heat before the ceramic can, allowing it to come to temperature slightly slower. You can also swirl a small amount of hot water in the mug before filling completely.

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