General Studio LP Tools FAQ

What are SLP tools made of?

SLP tools are created from bioplastic PLA, which is a type of plastic made from renewable organic compounds (like corn) rather than fossil fuels (oil). Plus for every 25 sets of our curved rib sets sold, a tree is planted by the PLA manufacturer. 

Are profile ribs good for beginners? I’m just starting out.

I wouldn’t recommend profile ribs if you are very new to pottery. These are best for intermediate throwers who are fairly confident with pulling their walls. They take some trust of the clay and the wheel. Definitely give them a go, but if you find them difficult to use, concentrate on pulling cylinders to hone your skills, then come back to using ribs. There’s some tips and tricks on the resources tab on the website, as well as videos on my Instagram (@studioLPceramics) and YouTube has longer videos (@SLPceramics).

How much clay do you use?

These is a great question and it really depends on what you are making. I recommend starting most standard size ribs with 400-500g of clay. Then if it doesn’t feel right/isn’t tall enough/too tall/wide etc then amend up or down. Always weigh what you start with so you can go up or down on round two. For the first few times using the ribs, don’t worry about having a  finished pot, but prepare to reclaim a few to get the measurements right. It will help you in the long run, I promise!

How do I take care of my tools?

There’s nothing special you need to do, just wash in water with a sponge. 

Shipping/Delivery & Returns

Do you ship to (insert country here)?

Yes Studio LP Tools ship worldwide. The only exception is Germany due to complicated packaging laws. The price on the website includes shipping, there’s no extras.

What about customs fees and import taxes?

Since every country has different fees for import and taxes, these are the responsibility of the recipient (you) to pay. You will usually get a letter from your local postal service informing you of any fees to pay before they will deliver your package. Lots of countries don’t bother if it is less than a certain amount (the US being one). EU countries seem to be more strict and do charge (boo to Brexit!!). 

Can I get tracking?

Any orders over £50 GBP value that are sent international I will ship with tracking and this will be emailed to you. If you ever have any queries about your order, please just email me and I’ll look into it (lianne@studioLPceramics.com

How are UK orders shipped?

They are sent Royal Mail Second Class and usually arrive within 2-3 days. 

When will you dispatch my order?

Orders are dispatched Monday-Friday. I usually dispatch next day from the order, but can be up to 2 days from order depending on volume.

Can I return my ribs if I don’t like them?

Absolutely, you can return them within 30 days of receipt if there is anything wrong with them. Please email me and I’ll do my best to rectify any issues (lianne@studioLPceramics.com).