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Extruder Dies for Handles

Extruder Dies for Handles

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Dies made for use with a handheld extruder to easily make consistent shaped handles. And in a bright Teal Blue so you won't keep losing them in the studio (just me then?).

These are made for a handheld extruder (this is the one I use) but they fit a Shimpo handheld extruder as well. They are approximately 57mm in diameter (2.25"). 

The pack comes with three dies. Each is designed meticulously to ensure the curve feels nice in your fingers. 

The Wavy One (5x29mm) has in indent to fit your thumb and works as a channel for glaze to flow down (be careful with particularly drippy glazes though!).

The Fat Curve One (10x24mm) has a wider curve on the bottom, make sure this faces the inside of the handle so your fingers can curve around it and the top will sit flat.

The Traditional One (7x18mm) is a similar shape if you were to pull a handle between your thumb and first finger but is more dainty and smaller than I've been able to get my pulled handles. 

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