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Curved Profile Ribs- Standard Size (set of 3)

Curved Profile Ribs- Standard Size (set of 3)

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Curves are tricky to throw so I've designed three ribs to help you form consistent curves quickly. Throwing faster is a key to efficient making. Throwing consistent forms means not only do your pots look harmonious and uniform, you have to take less individual pictures of every pot, and it helps you learn muscle memory and continue to improve throwing skills, plus they are easier to fit into a kiln (especially bisque firing where they can sit rim to rim). 

Throwing faster means I don't have to charge such a premium on my time and can make affordable pottery and make a living from it too! 

The set comes with three curves, based on my favourite mugs I've thrown in the past. 

All ribs are 10.5cm tall (4.1 inches). It will depend on the width of your base and if you pull your mug taller/shorter than the rib, but I find this usually results in a mug that holds approximately 350ml (12 ounces). These won't be making huge tankard mugs, but easy to sell, everyday mugs.

Rib A (The Egg One): is a gently bellied form, that closes inwards at the top making a lovely huggable egg shape. It can be used for a huggable standard mug, or leave off the handle for a cute cocktail cup. Open the base wider before you start throwing and don't pull the walls up as high and you get a hot chocolate mug (or cappuccino). Or an even lower profile will give a trinket dish or with a wider base make a bowl. There are so many possibilities!

Rib B (The Wine One): This one is a curved bottom and straight side. Probably the easiest of the three to start with. Designed on a wine glass shape, makes a great taller mug or wine cup! These could also be marketed as a flat white cup. Again use a wider base and lower profile for a bowl.

Rib C (The Flared One/The Teacup One): this is based on a traditional teacup shape, with a strong curve that flares out at the top. Probably the hardest to use as the wider form stretches the clay, but results in a beautiful open bowl shape for mugs or bowls.

I recommend starting each form with a straight sided cylinder, your walls should be thicker than you'd like the finished piece to be as they will think as you stretch them into the curves. 

Ribs are a pretty mint green, for a little colour in your studio, and made from a mixture of organic matter and bioplastic PLA, which is a type of plastic made from renewable organic compounds (like corn) rather than fossil fuels (oil). Plus for every 25 sets of ribs sold, a tree is planted by the PLA manufacturer. 

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